The 2013 ChazFest Lineup


Stages and Times are subject to change, cause hey it's New Orleans and it's Chaz Fest. However, the schedule below is pretty solid.

Come be a part of the best local music festival in the heart of New Orleans. ChazFest is ten hours of nonstop music, culture and good times on two stages! You don't want to miss these bands. You can also view the Print Version.

  Main StageHard Liquor Stage

12:00 The Stacks  

12:45   The Glorioskis

1:30 Los Poboycitos  

2:15   Greg Schatz

3:00 Truth Universal  

3:45   The Geraniums

4:30 TBC Brass Band  

5:15   The TinTypes

5:45 The Tin Men  

6:30 The Valparaiso Men's Chorus  

7:00   Lonesome Leash

7:40 Dave Pirner  

8:20   MC Sweet Tea

9:00 Scully & Rough 7